EAAs and Inflammation


EAAs included in the nutritional plan of patients in rehabilitation after ischemic stroke, are able to improve neuro-function abilities including deglutition and peripheral blood adaptive immunity.


  • 42 dysphagic patients, after ischemic strokes, to Rehabilitat ion,
  • enrolled within 37 days of their acute event
  • randomized to receive either essential amino acids, or placebo
  • Treatment lasted 35 days


N/Lymph* ratio decreased more in EAA vs placebo (p=0.04) returning to normal levels.

Improvements of dysphagia (DOSS Score) were positively linked to improvements in % Lymph in the EAA group.

CRP (CRP and % Lymph are inversely proportional)

*Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio has proven its prognostic value in cardiovascular diseases, infections, inflammatory diseases and in several types of cancers.

Other Clinical Evidence