EAAs, Microbiota and Immunity


Metabolic shifts and structural changes in the gut microbiota upon amino acid supplementation.

In order to slow down the ageing process.


Middle-aged mice (16 months) supplemented for 90 days with EAAs


  • gut microbiota was analysed by 16S rDNA sequencing


Microbiota rebalancing

  • Ageing leads to a reduction of the ratio Firmicutes/Bacterioides in the microbiota
  • EAAs supplementation counteracts this reduction by lowering the
    bacteria related to “inflamm-aging” (Bacterioides)
  • This leads to a “rejuvenation” of the microbiota.

Immunity activation

  • EAAs supplementation halves the increase of the concentration of LBP
    related to ageing.
  • This indicates a reduction of antigens in the gut and in the host

*Lipopolysaccharide Binding Protein (biomarker for the host inflammatory state)

Other Clinical Evidence

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