are the powerhouse of the cell

Mitochondria produce ATP,
essential for protein synthesis

Mitochondria impairment amplifies
inflammation and age-related diseases

containing a specific Amino Acid mixture in a precise stoichiometric ratio and 3 intermediates of the Krebs cycle, able to increase energy production by mitochondria*.

*International patent request PCT/IB2018/055425

Since 1996 PD has been working – one of the first companies in the world – to identify specific amino acid mixtures for energy metabolism disorders in humans.

R&D focus allowed to improve compositions and to identify new bio-chemical processes to enhance mixture efficacy. In particular, the inclusion of the Krebs cycle intermediates boost amino acids efficacy.

[data on file by Prof. E. Nisoli (University of Milan) in cultured mouse cardiomyocytes]. Paper filed for patent submission PCT/IB2018/055425

Mitochondrial activity and aging

Mitochondrial dysfunction is a hallmark of age-related
skeletal muscle functional atrophy.


EAAs supplementation supports the skeletal muscle mitochondrial biogenesis in middle-aged mice


Middle-aged mice (16 months) supplemented for 90 days with EAAs


EAAs supplementation preserve muscle morphology and improve functional capacity.

EAAs supplementation restores the fiber cross-sectional areas of skeletal muscle to the levels of young mice

EAAs supplementation increases mitochondrial mass in skeletal muscle

EAAs and healthy metabolism

EAAs can differently modulate anabolic and catabolic states:

EAAs recover energy balance and ameliorates clinical outcomes

Clinical Evidence

Over the 15 years of experience with the previous AA mixture, numerous experimental and clinical studies have been conducted and published in international peer-reviewed journals.


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